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Controp Precision Technologies

CONTROP specializes in the development and production of Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems for Defense, Para-Military and Homeland Security (HLS) applications.

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EO / IR sensors & camera systems for Surveillance, Defense and Homeland Security applications.


UAV Camera Systems

for Group 1 & 2 UAV Surveillance Missions

Border Surveillance

The SPEED-LR is a brand-new addition to CONTROP’s popular SPEED family, the most advanced EOIR systems available in the market for land applications.

Real-Time Video Processing

High quality of the video analytic structure and algorithms

Counter UAS

CONTROP has significant experience in counter-UAS, and our sensors have been deployed around the world as a part of integrated C-UAS solutions.

Latest News

  • News

    AUSA 2022: CONTROP USA reveals its next generation MULTI STAMP payload

    CONTROP USA is proud to reveal its next generation MULTI STAMP payload. The Multi STAMP features Day, Night, Laser Target Marker and Artificial Intelligence embedded into one 3.5lb sensor suite. Multi STAMP enables group I and II UAS to fulfill a variety of missions using a single lightweight payload
    Oct 12, 2022
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    CONTROP USA recently conducted testing of its long-range wide area surveillance systems

    CONTROP USA recently conducted testing of its long-range wide area surveillance systems. CONTROP has combined its 360 degree scanning Tornado with its Extended Range SPEED-ER. Testing concluded in August and demonstrated effective ranges at 10-15km in a 360 degree field of regard. By using AI to augment detection and classification of targets operator training, workload and fatigue can be reduced, and the efficiency can be significantly improved
    Oct 10, 2022
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